Is Granite the best choice for your countertop?

So what’s the hype with kitchen granite countertops these days? To many interior designer, particularly kitchen designers, granite is the material of choice when looking to replace a kitchen countertop. As such, many homeowners go with granite as the natural stone of choice for their new countertop. The reasons? Well, there are many! At last, what is most important to a homeowner? Granite is extremely resistant to heat and scratches. You can safely use your sharpest knife to cut meat, cheese or fruits without worrying of scratching your kitchen countertop. You can also place your sizzling pot directly on it without worrying that it may damage the countertop. Granite can easily withstand hot cookware, thus making it a perfect choice for a kitchen countertop. 

With multiple colour choices and endless patters available, you are sure to find the granite countertop that will match your kitchen design.

To help you find the right colour and style of your granite countertop, try our online kitchen visualizer tool or contact us and our designers will help you find the right granite kitchen countertop in Montreal! 


So what exactly is granite ?

Granite is an igneous rock that forms when magma cools relatively slowly underground. It is usually composed primarily of the minerals quartz, feldspar, and mica. Granite is one of the most durable stones on earth!  
As an owner of a granite countertop, we recommend applying a sealer in order to maintain its finish. There are several types of granite countertop sealers designed to offer added protection and shine.

Kitchen Granite Countertops Pros

Many factors make granite the preferred choice for kitchen countertops. Their resistance to staining and scratching ensures longevity. Kitchen granite countertops are also durable and strong. Most importantly, granite countertops require almost no maintenance. A simple cloth and hot water are all it takes to keep them clean and shining. 

Another point to consider is that houses with kitchen granite countertops are known to increase in value. 

The Bottom Line

Whether your home is modern, classic or traditional, a granite kitchen countertop will give it a timeless, high-end look!
In short, here are the 3 biggest advantages of granite kitchen countertops that make this natural stone a perfect candidate for a kitchen countertop in Montreal.
1. Ease of Maintenance: All you need is warm water and a cloth!
2. Resistance : Resistance to heat and scratches is definitely a plus.
3. Options : Many colours, forms and styles available to choose from

At Casa & Granite, we deal with the best granite suppliers in Montreal, such as Naturoc and MSI to ensure the highest quality of granite kitchen countertops are delivered and installed to our customers. 

Use our new kitchen visualizer tool to find the right style and colour for your granite kitchen countertop. You can also see some of the granite countertop styles and colours available for your project. 


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