The timeless beauty of marble makes this natural stone a top choice for countertops and other home fixtures. Having marble countertops is a sure way to add elegance to your kitchen. In addition, these countertops are long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Marble countertops are available in various colors, designs, and finishes. And with all the choices available, it can get overwhelming. This quick guide will help you buy the right marble countertop and care for it.


Quick Guide to Buying Marble Countertops

Because marble is enriched with crystals, you can find marble countertops in various colors – even pink or green. Hence, you will find one perfect for your kitchen. However, there are certain things to keep in mind when buying marble.

  • Buy marble countertops for islands and baking areas. Marble is expensive, soft, and susceptible to staining. Most contractors use marble only on kitchen islands and baking areas to maximize use.
  • Choose the correct type. Carrara marble is the most common for countertops and backsplash. If money is not an issue, you can opt for Calacatta, a marble with gold veins that gives any room a dramatic appeal. Spanish marble types, Statuary and Crema Marfil, are the best if you want muted and neutral tones.
  • Stick with white marble if staining is a concern. Experts advise sticking with whites since staining is more noticeable and prominent on colored marbles. 
  • Consider the finish you want. You can get marble finishes such as brushed, leather, or river-wash with different polishing and brushing techniques. A polished marble finish is the most popular choice because of its glossy surface and naturally muted look. 
  • Choose the right edge. You can choose a straight, rectified, chiseled, tumbled, or beveled edge. The edge of your marble countertop will impact the grout lines and overall look, so you need to consider it.

Marble Countertops Care and Maintenance Tips

You need to understand how to care for marble properly, as it has a certain fragility compared to other stones. Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid using acidic substances on your countertops. Marble’s natural enemy is acid; any acidic substance can etch into the countertop’s surface. This causes the marble to look lackluster and dull. Protect your marble when cutting tomatoes, citrus, and other fruits. 
  • Clean your marble countertop using a gentle cleanser. Marble is relatively easy to clean and maintain. Avoid using harsh abrasive cleaners as these might damage the surface. You should also avoid using bleach and vinegar. Cleaning your marble countertop with gentle soap and warm water should be enough.
  • Make sure to clean stains immediately. Marble will stain even with regular cleaning. Oil and stains from food, coffee, or tea can be easily removed using a small amount of ammonia. It is essential to remove stains before they become permanent. 
  • Use sealers. Make sure to seal the countertops as often as needed. You’ll know when to seal when water droplets stop beading in contact with the marble’s surface. 

Now that you have decided to buy marble countertops for your kitchen, it’s time to look for a reliable contractor. Les Comptoirs Casa & Granite is the leader in fabricating and installing countertops in Montreal and Laval. We also carry a vast selection of quartz countertops, granite countertops, and mosaic tiles. You can use our visualizer to check which style and design will suit your kitchen best. 

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